In modern society, becoming fully human and giving real love to those who need can be challenging.

I am an artist with deep-felt existential commitment. This past year in the role of hospice companion I have worked with a little boy who was ill, and learned that being with him has awakened a spiritual renewal.

From my time with him I have created a project to share this renewal with others. The project is art, though not in the sense of objects for collections. It is an open dialogue welcoming all who want to love and give.

With a small book and graphic prints, and a talk and a participatory event, I am developing with others our understandings of how we regain our capacity to love by serving others who need.

This is art not for own sake but for the many vulnerable children needing love, and for our society urgently needing to restore the primacy of love.

The book is dedicated to the little boy who passed away in

March 2017.

The resulting microscopic photographs and poems reflect the world of his tears blooming into love’s beauty.

In gratitude and solidarity

Henrieke I. Strecker

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